Our Story

Our Company

Enhancify is not a publically-traded, multi-billion-dollar company. Nor are we a fancy "silicon-valley" tech start-up with famous investors and limitless cash.

Instead, we are a bootstrapped company started by regular small business owners who know what it's like to come up from nothing, who got tired of the traditional method of home improvement financing and decided to come up with a better way.

Our employees are from the industry and know what it's like to install roofs, paint houses, and build with their hands. We hire folks who have hustle and integrity rather than flashy resume's, people who know what it's like to knock doors rather than play in spreadsheets.

We launched in 2018 in Tampa, Florida and have grown through community word-of-mouth, with over 3,500 active contractors and growing quickly. We focus on our product and getting results for our customers rather than loud marketing. In the last two years, we've earned access to billions of dollars in capital, expanded to servicing all 50 states, and have gone fully "remote," with key team-members in South-Florida, Texas, New York City, and New Jersey.

But we are still in the very early-stages of the future of financing, and of Enhancify.com. Our goal is to become the most effective, the most loved, the most value-additive financing solution for Contractors in America. Thank you for your trust and support along the journey.

Our Philosophy

Customer Obsession

Above all, our relentless focus is on our customers and getting them extraordinary results. This is what we make decisions against, big or small.

Long-Term Focus

Rather than short-term profit, trends, or competitors, our focus is on how we can create the most value over the long term. That means long-term thinking, long-term relationships, and long-term decision-making.

Accept Responsibility

Here, we take full personal responsibility for our actions and performance, as well as any issues or tasks we become aware of, because each teammate acts on behalf of the entire company. Opportunities to "own" issues create growth, problem-solving, and leadership. We never say "that's not my job."

Earn Trust Through Inegrity

We are truthful, do what we say we're going to do, and treat people like humans, not numbers. We give more than we take, we do the right thing, and we are humble because we always have a lot to learn. We strive to earn trust, respect, and loyalty.

Relentless Standart of Excellence

We commit to having relentlessly high standards. We are hungry to beat our best for our customers and teammates. We rise to the occassion, continuously raise the bar, and are eager to go the extra mile, because we know this is how we grow.

Data Driven Truth

In order to move forward in the right direction, we need to first see clearly. We value getting to Truth, even if it's painful, unpopular, or uncomfortable. We hold nothing sacred in pursuit of what is True and promote radical transparency, disagreement, and open-mindedness.


We understand situations don't exist in vacuums - there is always a context; everything is interconnected. In creating solutions, we seek to harness systems-thinking to build leverage and generate lasting, compounding results.


We recognize life is too short to waste working on things that aren't meaningful and impactful. We are here to make a real difference in people's lives, build real relationships, and solve real problems. We believe in the connection between our fellow teammembers, our customers, and the communities we touch.


In a modern world of infinite information and distractions, we believe focus is devastatingly powerful. Attention, Time, and Energy are our most critical resources. We are careful to prioritize and move in one purposeful direction until we achieve our goal. It's okay to say "No" and less is truly more.

Create Share-Worthly Experiences

Creating a great customer experience is one of our key objectives. We focus on developing and nurturing unique, personalized relationships with our customers by consistently providing excellent experiences with clear concentration on achieving their goals.

Contact Us

Call or text us at 813-499-9879, or email us at contact@enhancify.com.

Our address: 2980 NE 207th ST, Suite 345, Aventura, FL 33180.

We look forward to hearing from you.