Close more jobs. Grow your business. No dealer fees, ever.

We specialize in helping contractors grow their business through financing.

  • Homeowners don't have enough extra cash laying around
  • Competitive market makes it hard to stand out
  • Dealer fees killing profits

How It Works

Submit Request in 60 seconds

Submit an application with your customer using your customized, branded portal in 60 seconds.

Step 1

See Rates Instantly

Homeowners instantly see their rates (including 0% APR promotional offers) from dozens of our lenders and choose the option they like.

Step 2

Get Paid

Money gets deposited into accounts in as quickly as 24 hours.

Step 3

Get Started

Simple, instant payment options for your customers

  • 0% Financing Available

    Give your customers access to 0% promotional APR offers, so they can get your project funded quickly and avoid interest payments.
  • Soft Pulls Only

    Get instantly matched to the best lenders, without hurting your customers' credit scores. See the best rates and terms without a hard pull.
  • No Dealer Fees

    Here's the secret - there's no need to pay dealer fees to offer financing. Don't let the other guys take your profits by charging unnecessary fees.
  • Easy, Fast Process

    Get funding for your job in as little as 60 seconds, with money deposited in as quickly as 24 hours. The process is simple and fast, period.
  • Earn Commissions for Each Job

    Earn thousands of dollars each year in commissions, paid every time a customer gets financing. It's like getting paid to offer financing.
  • Dedicated Support

    When you join the Enhancify family, you get ongoing, customer support to make sure you and your customers are successful.

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