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We provide you and your customers access to the top lending partners in today’s marketplace offering the best rates and terms so your customers get the financing they are looking for.

A Win/Win Solution
Increase your revenue, get bigger projects and close more sales while helping your customers get the money they need.
Gain Customers
Whether an unsecured loan or a 0% APR credit card, Enhancify’s network allows you to offer different payment options to all of your customers.
No Dealer Fees
Offer your customers unsecured financing with a simple and fast process without having to pay any merchant or dealer fees.

Start closing more deals and increase your revenue today!


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Enhancify Silver Plan
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  • Dedicated Account Specialist
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    Enhancify Gold Plan
    • Branded financing page
    • 300 custom marketing cards
    • Training and Support
    • Dedicated Account Specialist
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    How it Works

    Our finacial gateway can help you close more sales and increase your bottom line. The benefits are endless and we can have you up and running in 48 hours or less!

    Create an account

    Sign up for an account online and upload your logo. You’ll receive a customized co-branded financing page and links exclusively for your customers.

    Step 1

    Offer financing in one click

    The customer can choose from various loan options and 0% APR credit cards regardless of their credit scores. No Equity in the home required!

    Step 2

    Your customers get funded

    The customer receives a quick decision and once approved, they will have access to the funds within days.

    Step 3

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    No paperwork. No hassle. No equity needed.

    Offer a financing solution for your customers to close more deals, boost sales and increase revenues.

    Get Started Today


    • Here at Enhancify, we make it easy for you to offer financing to your customers. After you submit your information and choose your subscription plan, your co-branded financing page and dedicated URL is available for you to send to your customers or add to your website and is accessible whether on a desktop computer, tablet or phone.

      When you have a customer in need of money, all they need to do is fill out the form on your co-branded loan page in order to get matched to their best financing options. Their credit score won't be affected and can choose the loan and lending partner they want to apply for.

      Typically, the application will take less than 5 minutes for them to fill out. Once approved, the lending partner can deposit the money directly into their bank account.

    • We are able to assist customers who have poor, fair, good, very good and excellent credit. Each of our lending partners vary on what type of credit quality they will approve. Some of our partners accept credit scores as low as 500, while other partners require credit scores of 800+. Depending on the customer's information they provide, will determine which options are presented to them and it is up to the lending partner to decide whether or not the customer will get approved.

    • Each of our lending partners have different interest rates and the interest rates your customer will receive is based on many factors, which includes, but not limited to their income, credit score, loan amount and loan term. Excellent credit quality customer's may receive interest rates as low as 5.5% while customers with bad/poor credit may receive rates as high as 36%. Since our network is comprised of many lending partners, we offer customers many options to help them get the best loan and terms based on their unique situation.

    • No, the lending partners in our network do not have any prepayment penalties and there are absolutely no equity requirements as the loan programs offered are all unsecured loans.

    • Depending on the subscription plan you signed up for, determines how you can cancel. For our monthly subscription plan, you can cancel prior to your next scheduled recurring payment or for our yearly subscription plan, you can cancel at the end of your yearly contract, without any additional fees or penalties.

    • There are no requirements for the time you are in business. So, whether you are a just starting out or have been in business for a long time, you can join Enhancify's financing program.

    • Our program is designed to be easy, not just for the customer, but for your staff as well. We provide you with a dedicated support specialist, so if you or your staff has any questions or needs any training, we've got you covered. Just contact your account representative and they will assist you.

    • The contractor or staff member cannot apply on the customer's behalf. The customer is the only one who can apply and submit their application to the lending partner. Furthermore, we need the customer to complete the application using your co-branded financing page so that they can be advised of and agree to the terms of service of the loan or credit card product. Also, the co-branded financing page we provide has fraud protection measures in place to make sure that the customer is the one completing the application and ensuring their information is safe and secure.

    • It all depends on the lending partner. Most loans will fund within days. For example, if the customer applies for a credit card, it can take up to 2 days for the application/approval process and up to 5 days for the customer to receive the card in the mail. If the customer applies for an unsecured loan, than it could take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days, depending on whether or not additional documentation is requested from the customer.

    • No, the proceeds from the loan can be used for all home improvement and renovation projects and costs associated.

    • No, we do not charge any dealer fees whatsoever!

    • Most of the lending partners within our network will give an instant approval or pre-approval once the customer submits their application to the lending partner online. In some instances, the lending partner may require additional information in order to determine whether or not the customer is approved or denied, however the customer will be notified what information is needed in order to determine the outcome of the application.

    • The customer receives the funds directly. It is up to you to make arrangements with the customer on how they will pay you directly.

    • Sure, however, you and your customers may not get the same results. Both of our subscription plans were designed and have integrations with our lending partners to ensure your customers receive a fast loan approval so you can increase your sales and project size. Plus, by using our co-branding financing that has your logo, it offers your customers the peace of mind knowing they are getting financing from trusted lending partners.

    • Yes, of course you can. We know you will find value in Enhancify's financing program will do for you and your customers. If you initially enrolled for the monthly plan and would like to switch subscription options, you can either contact our support department at Support@Enhancify.com or reach out to you account representative directly.

    What Our Customers Say

      • Couldn’t ask for a better experience

        I would highly recommend using Enhancify for a home improvement loan. The process was really quite easy and super fast. I received word of my loan being approved almost immediately and the interest rate was very extremely reasonable for my credit. I spoke with a very polite loan officer to verify some information and my loan was completed within a week. Very professional operation plus the website is fabulous!

        D. Samson

      • Amazing Experience

        I had a great experience. Enhancify put me in contact with a very reputable lender. The rate I received was very competitive. I had a contractor starting work on our kitchen renovation and really needed the money fast. Luckily, my loan was approved and funded the next day. I couldn’t be any happier. You all rock.

        M. Gree

      • Super Quick Process

        First time using an online company to help me find a loan and I’m impressed. I was having a really hard time getting a loan and this ended up being such a blessing. Once I filled out my info, got my options right online, picked the lender I wanted and applied. Super easy and took less than 5 minutes to do. Definitely would use Enhancify again.

        J. Howard

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    Give your customers a financing option and stay ahead of the competition without paying any high dealer fees! Enhancify’s financing solution will help you increase your revenue by offering payment options to your customers, save on those high dealer fees and win projects over the competition.

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    Dedicated Account Specialist

    Everything is Included in your Plan

    • Safe, Fast & Easy
    • Access to top-rated lending partners in the marketplace 24/7
    • Fast Funding & Easy Application Process
    • We help customers with poor, very good and excellent credit to get financing
    • 0% APR  Credit Card offers
    • No equity or appraisal needed
    • Financing for any project
    • Loans for all Credit Grades welcome