What you can get from Enhancify and LP SmartSide partnership:

What you can get from Enhancify and LP SmartSide partnership:

10% Off When Joining Enhancify Multiple Financing Solutions all in One Place Co-Branded Landing Page, Widgets & Marketing Materials
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Why Join the Enhancify Financing Contractor Program?
Whether it's a kitchen or bathroom remodel, new roof, windows, siding or a repair, Enhancify's financing programs offer you flexible and affordable financing solutions to help you pay for any project.
Get Funded Within 2-3 days
30-Day Results-Guarantee
No Dealer Fees Ever
Soft-Pull PRE-Approval
Customized Branded Page
Education, Training & Specialized Support
Up to $650 Commissions for Each Closed Job
Real-Time Notification

Haven't Joined Yet? Read How it works below

Step 1.

1. Create an Account

Create an online account and customize your co-branded financing page.

Step 2.

2. Your Customers Get Matched

Your customers will be matched with an average of 4-5 lending partners within seconds and receive a response from a lending partner within minutes. - It won't affect your customers' credit scores.

Step 3.

3. Customer Chooses a Lending Partner

Once your customer is approved, they can have the money wired directly into their bank account - Safe, Fast & Easy!

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