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We are proud to partner with LP SmartSide. As a friend of LP SmartSide, you get a 10% discount on your Enhancify membership through this link.

LP SmartSide and Enhancify Partnership

Give your customers spending power and win their business

We're looking to partner with Contractors who need a financing option, looking to get more projects, increase their average project size or just save on dealer fees. Here's what we offer:

Absolutely No Dealer Fees

Real-time Reporting

Co-Branded Landing Pages, links & Marketing materials

Multiple Financing Solutions all in One Place

Dedicated Account Specialist

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Read how it works below.

1. Create an Account

Create an online account and customize your co-branded financing page.

2. Your Customers Get Matched

Your customers will be matched with up to 30 lending partners within seconds and receive a response from a lending partner within minutes. - It won't affect your customers' credit scores.

3. Customer Chooses a Lending Partner

Once your customer is approved, they can have the money wired directly into their bank account - Safe, Fast & Easy!