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Enhancify clients earn up to $650 for each deal and pay no dealer fees


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No Dealer Fees, Rates as low as 7.99%, Max. Loan Amount is $200,000, Up to $650 Commission for Each Closed Deal

You don't pay any fees, help your customers to get funded on probably best terms in the market

Transaction Fees, Fees from Lenders, 4 Lending Partners

You pay banking fees for ACH transactions and debit/credit card processing, and you limit your customers to Payzer's funding terms
(get paid commissions on each job financed)
Earn up to $650 per funded deal
Unlimited commissions
Soft pull on credit
FICO Scores served
550 - 850
Financing amount limits
Up to $200,000
$5,000 - $1M
Lending partners
30+ lenders
4 lenders
Marketing materials
Unlimited financing
Included in membership
Transaction fee for each project. Fees from lenders based on loan selected
$999 / $1,499 / $1,999
Free / $5,268 / $29,988
Industry focus
Home Improvement
HVAC, plumbing and other industries
$200 for invited contractors
Built from the ground up by small business owners and former contractors in response to traditional financing taking advantage of contractors. Bootstrapped - funded by community word of mouth
Founded in 2014, the company is providing software solutions that help grow contractors' businesses
Data Collected in July 2023

Offering financing brings more value to the product

In 2022, Americans spent $427 billion dollars to remodel or make updates to their home.

$427 billion sounds like a lot of money for homeowners to spend, but it really isn't when you think about all of existing homes that are getting older, design trends that are changing universally and going green to save money becomes more and more prevalent.

Plus, with the median home value around $231,000 and the average annual income around $69,000 to $97,000 in the United States, many Americans are unable to afford a home - let alone buy a home that has everything they've ever wanted and is tailored to their tastes and needs.

From now on, start closing more jobs and maximize your profit with Enhancify Financing

Give your customers access to low rates from 30+ reliable lenders plus get commission starting at $50. Refer friends to earn even more. All with $0 dealer fees. Start today with no risk with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

No Dealer Fees Ever

0% Financing Option with No "Add-Ons"

Up to $650 commissions for Each Closed Job

30-Day Results Guarantee

Customized Branded Page

Real-Time Notifications

Education, Training & Specialized Support

$200 Bonus for Referred Friends

Monthly Payment Calculator

Beneficial Yearly Plan

Mobile Friendly

Get Funded Within 2-3 Days

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