Marketing Materials

Find all the tools you'll need to get your business booming. All of them will be available after choosing any membership.
Co-branded Page
You'll receive a customized co-branded financing page that can help you close more deals and increase sales. The page is mobile friendly and includes your company logo, loan application form, our Monthly Payment Calculator, and frequently asked questions. The page is partially customizable, meaning some parts of the page may be changed upon request.
Personalized Financing Flyer
You will receive a personalized flyer with your company name and logo on it. The flyer also contains a QR code that can either direct to your financing page or your website, the choice is yours! You can print out the flyer to show your clients that you offer financing and what options are offered. The flyer explains the benefits and the process of getting funds through Enhancify.
Monthly Payment Calculator
Give your customers access to our Payment Calculator. Your customers can use the tool to see how much they will be paying each month for the job and/or services you offer. You can also use this tool for a gentle upsell.
Real Widget
The Real Widget will enable your client to fill out an application for financing and receive offers from lenders seamlessly - right on your website. The widget will open with a click on the button that you can place anywhere on your website.
Full Page Widget
This Full Page Widget will look and feel like a web page of your website. Use it to tell your customers about available financing options and help them calculate their estimated monthly payment.
Use free space on your website to show your customers you have financing available. We designed banners of various sizes and colors, so you can choose those that fit the style of your website or stand out to attract more customers. Add as many banners as you wish, it's all up to you.
Referral Link
Have fellow contractors who want to try customer financing? Invite friends through your unique referral link and earn $200 for every contractor you bring and who uses Enhancify for more than 30 days - with absolutely no caps.
Create an estimate to document the agreement with the client on the upcoming work and cost. Create an invoice to notify a customer that payment is due. Documents are uploaded in a PDF format for further sending to your client.