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Home Improvement Contractor Financing

June 10, 2021
Home Improvement Contractor Financing - Enhancify.com

While the COVID-19 pandemic affected most businesses and households, spending on home improvement and repairs grew in 2020 as people modified living spaces for work, school, and leisure. In 2021 the trend continues as working from home remains common practice and people move from expensive metros to less expensive areas to lower their housing costs, which would, in turn, leave more of their budgets for remodeling projects. The average home...

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How to Offer Financing to My Customers

April 13, 2021
How to Offer Financing to My Customers - Enhancify.com

If you were thinking about offering financing to your clients, you might imagine that your business will extend the credit directly, and your clients will then pay you back. While it is one of the ways to offer financing to your customers, there are much easier and less complicated alternatives. Contractor financing is a way to let customers pay for service or job over time, instead of upfront. While customers pay over time, contractors get paid...

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Resources: Financial Relief for Contractors during COVID Pandemic

April 28, 2020
Resources: Financial Relief for Contractors during COVID Pandemic - Enhancify.com

Dear customers, partners, and friends of Enhancify, In past weeks and days I've heard from many of you. As a community, there are some of us are taking a big hit right now. Some of you have had to close up shop for now, let go of your team, and even wonder how you're going to put food on the table in coming months. This squeeze on the economy is painful and will impact us all -- maybe the toughest part is not knowing how long it will last. That...

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