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What Will You Get?

What Will You Get?

We're looking to partner with Contractors who need a financing option, looking to get more projects, increase their average project size or just save on dealer fees. Here's what we offer:

Up to $650 Commissions for Each Closed Job
No Dealer Fees Ever
Co-Branded Landing Page
0% Promotional Financing to Qualified Customers
Loan Payments Calculator
Marketing Materials & Tools
Education, Training & Specialized Support

By the Numbers

3,500+ Active Contractors

21% Average Increase in deals closed (self-reported)

$1 million+ In commissions for Enhancify Contractors

16% Increase in Average Deal Size

$200,000 Funding Per Job (max)

Enhancify Customers Earned $1,000,000 In Commissions Last Year


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What Will Your Customers Get?

With Enhancify financing, you can offer your customers simple, instant payment options. Customers purchase your services and pay for it gradually without much effort, and you receive your money immediately and in full. Everybody wins!

What Will Your Customers Get?
Soft pulls only - No impact on credit scores
Rates as low as 7.99%
0% promotional APR offers
Credit scores as low as 550*
Loan requests up to $200,000*
Instant result in 2 minutes or less
Financing in 2-3 business days
No equity or appraisal required
Ready to grow your business
with no dealer fees?
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