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Grow your business through financing. Earn commissions for referrals each time your friend is joining the network. Help homeowners afford your jobs and hit deductibles. Soft pull, fast results.

Concierge Financing

Get started with Enhancify Concierge Financing today. Let Enhancify work 1-on-1 with your homeowners to find the best financing option, and let your sales team get back to doing what they do best-selling. Join Concierge Financing and let us help grow your business.

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Increase your revenue, while helping to improve how homeowners get financing for their home improvement projects.

Concierge works 1-on-1 with Your Customer

Close more jobs, and get bigger job sizes, up to 47%

Soft Pulls Available - see options without damaging credit score

Funding in as quickly as 2-3 business days

0% Promotional Interest available for qualified applicants

Credit scores as low as 550*

Loan requests up to $200,000*

Rates as low as 6.24%*

Financing for All Jobs and home services businesses

*Rates and terms may vary by lending partner.

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Give your customers spending power and win their business.

We're looking to partner with Contractors who need a financing option, looking to get more projects and increase their average project size. Here's what we offer:

Real-time Reporting

Co-Branded Landing Pages, links & Marketing materials

Multiple Financing Solutions all in One Place

Dedicated Account Specialist

I have been extremely pleased with Enhancify. Our company needed a range of flexible financing options for our Customers. The best part about Enhancify, is the ease of use on the customer side. We simply send the customer a link. We get approvals fast. The credit requirements are reasonable as well. Our concierge Jeremy takes my calls all day long and ensures any issues are taken care of quickly. I can't say enough good things about their service. I highly recommend Enhancify
Royal Roofing Ben - Commercial Project Engineer

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Your customers will be matched with up to 30 lending partners within seconds and receive a response from a lending partner within minutes. - It won't affect your customers' credit scores.

Step 3.

3. Customer Chooses a Lending Partner

Once your customer is approved, they can have the money wired directly into their bank account - Safe, Fast & Easy!